Chocolate Box Valentines

I first came upon the idea to use chocolate box inserts as a card base from artist, Deb Dunn. Deb’s ingenuity to see beyond the packaging cushion insert for its sole purpose of protection and transforming it into a Christmas card struck a cord with my inner card artist. I knew I just had to try out her idea and explore other themes for these delectably delightful charming cards (Deb’s creations published in, GreenCraft Magazine Winter 2015 page 24).

With Valentine’s day just around the corner it seemed like a no-brainer to create a few cards surrounding this theme. Almost immediately after reading her article, and contacting her via email, I set to work and tried to make a set of Valentine cards.

The first thing that popped into my head was quilting on the squishy, cushion material. I had used these inserts before and up-cycled them into cushion mailers but as an avid card-maker I was inspired to experiment with the packaging in a new way, with cards. Without having seen Deb’s creations in GreenCraft I would never have tried this approach to an up-cycled card. I have heard it said that no matter what your passion in creating whether it be dolls, cards or jewellery etc., when matched with imagination, you can transform any material into your passion of choice. Deb’s cards definitely proved a very unique material, such as chocolate box cushion inserts, could expand my approach to recyclables combined with card-making.

Each of these cards took me many hours to create. Hand-sewing, although rewarding, proved to be very challenging compared to placing these inserts under the presser-foot of my sewing machine. With the right needle, some slow sewing and experimentation I learned this material beautifully and easily accepts machine stitching.

To make your own Chocolate Box Valentines simply gather anything frilly, dainty and pink or red and make a bunch to send to people you love. Adding a wrapped chocolate or a gift card to your recipients favourite chocolatier would make the sweetest gift, surely not forgotten any time soon.

Note: I approached Chocolate retailers and they wouldn’t sell to me or gift me any packaging inserts. I had to slowly save these inserts over time. Purdy's Chocolates uses white ones and I thought they would be suitable for a Valentine's or Easter theme. I sourced them on-line but thought twice about purchasing because I wasn't truly recycling anything. Sure hope you try to make some.