Take Ten, Enter to Win

There is so much to like about stamping and creating handmade cards. Take Ten magazine is the perfect go-to publication to browse through, read from cover to cover, or to take ten to dream over each and ever artist’s creation. It is so amazing to see what other artists can dream up and design.

Speaking from experience I can tell you that the design process of a card can take me much longer than 10 minutes. Sometimes the concept and idea and the process behind a design can take me hours or even days - if I’m just not feeling inspired or other things besides cardmaking are using up and needing more of my energy and attention.

I can tell you though, once I create a card and if it makes it to publication in Take Ten Magazine it must meet the criteria of the ability to "re-make" the design in 10 minutes. I experimented with cards of my own and re-made them with the clock ticking and it is possible to make a card in 10 minutes!

You definitely have to have a plan and a basic understanding of stamping and crafting to accomplish a ten minute card. In an attempt of an organized approach (because a 10 minute card is challenging) I try to prepare ahead of time to make my crafting session easier on my mind and emotions. I set the scene for my ten minute cardmaking by: deciding on a colour palette, limiting my supplies, creating a designated crafting area/space, gathering my tools in one spot all before I set the timer to 10 minutes. It can be done.

Challenge yourself with some of these designs in the latest issue of Take Ten Magazine. You can purchase it here or leave a comment on this blog post about which part of the magazine you did not know about prior to these descriptive photos - parts of the magazine that inspire me and I look forward to reading. I will choose and post the winner on my FB fanpage on Friday, October 9th. Good luck everyone and thanks for stopping by my blog. (I would really appreciate it too if you share and or like my FB fanpage + choose "get notifications" (in drop down menu under "like") for future giveaways, or all three!) Thanks crafting friends for taking the time to stop by here on my blog where I create SOMETHING FROM NOTHING.