January Do-Over & Better Very Late Than Never Giveaway

I don’t know about anyone else but my year hasn’t had much of a chance at a new beginning. I have been down with a flu/cold for just over three weeks since Jan. 1. For reasons such as this (the unforeseen) I know better than to put added pressure on my already chaotic life with a list of new year’s resolutions and expect everything to change over night.

I do love a new year and I really like the idea of starting fresh but I am more of a goal-setter and reacher than I am a list-maker of things I want to change about myself or my life at one specific time of year. I am a true believer in changes happening over time with concentrated, focused choices to change my behaviour. I believe in giving myself second and third chances and fourth chances, if needed, at everything so that I can reach whatever goal I am striving to achieve. So here’s to allowing my new year to begin February 1st, 2016.

A goal I am most proud of getting closer to is a very longstanding one I have had for years - to craft and create throughout the month of December. I have always wanted to be so completely organized and ready for the holiday season I would have time to craft and create as part of my holiday time.

When December came this year I was no where near organized for the holiday season but I decided to take the plunge and allow myself to craft alongside the wrapping and the baking and the decorating. This was a concentrated and focused choice to try, to begin to try to reach this dream. It wasn't easy and it wasn't perfection but with each attempt I know I will get closer to making it happen. My real dream is to have space for friends and family to create with me at Christmas when they visit.

If I just begin, where I am at and with what is in front of me I just might surprise myself and see what I am capable of accomplishing. If I don’t begin when I have a thought or begin right now I may never reach my dreams. Everything I do is about how I self-direct my life with the choices I make each and every day.

I think what motivated me this year to take the plunge to actually try at crafting during December resulted because I was tired of dreaming. Dreams need action. Without action goals cannot be met, choices aren’t made and I remain unchanged and still just a dreamer.

I have the distinct pleasure to have an article published in GreenCraft magazine Winter 2016. When I look back at this issue, I wonder if it was destined to be part of my creative life to be included among so much talent and to help me reach a creative goal. This issue really spoke to my Christmastime heart and it was my favourite of 2015.

In 2015 I challenged myself to try to re-create some of the other great work by talented GreenCraft artists with each new issue. This particular issue is packed with quick holiday crafts. I tried some by Ella Wilson, Paula Stone-Buckner and Vesna Taneva-Miller. One of my other goals is to craft Christmas all year long. I have fantasized about this goal for years and years and it looks like I now have a jumpstart on Christmas crafting for 2016 already. I love to have an excuse to Christmas craft and to add a touch of glitter and sparkle to everything. I want to feel this magic all year. Art can allow this Christmas feeling to linger.

The projects below are just a sample of what is in this great publication. These projects are not completely finished yet, but I wanted to share them with you because it has been so hard to get back into blogging after the holidays. If I didn’t share incomplete projects, and do it now, I might not have started blogging in 2016.

For this giveaway of Winter 2016 GreenCraft issue comment below about which project strikes your fancy and why. I will choose one winner and post it to my FB page February 2nd. Thanks for stopping in to say Hi!

Note**  Giveaway for U.S. residents only.