Yellow UFO's

Magazine Wall Display from up-cycled necktie

Today is a day for a yellow epiphany. In my crafting and art world I have what is known as several UFO's - UnFinished Objects. I realize now that I stopped, stowed away or stifled creativity because of my abhorring disregard for the colour yellow. I have projects including yellow or that scream yellow causing me to stop creating simply because they were yellow. I find this so hard to believe as I have always considered myself an open-minded individual but obviously there is more learning and self-discovery with that thought and ego. For now I need to explore this shocking revelation of all my unfinished yellow projects in art hidden away from the light of day.

So I went digging deep into the cavities of my studio where all my secrets live inside countless boxes and pulled out all my UFO's having the least spec of yellow. "No more denial of yellow in my world", is becoming a daily mantra. Digging deep and looking at my UFO's has also shown me my wasteful tendancies. Anything unfinished is truly wasteful. This additional shocking revelation surrounding wastefulness is another eye-opener. I recall how often, in the past, I would go out to the art or craft store and buy something, needlessly, because I didn't know how to work with my creativity to finish something. Instead of pushing through my dissatisfied feelings with a project I would purchase something to deny feelings of inadequacy as artist. By relaxing into my fear and working at experimentation I probably would have let go of my fear of yellow sooner.

I have been focusing this past year on bringing projects to completion and I am a much improved artist as a result of making it to the finish-line. But I still have many promising pieces that would not have seen the light of day if I did not focus my learning and artist discoveries toward the colour yellow.

Since creating this visual for my inner artist I am noticing some very new and fresh combinations of colours I am now drawn to as a result of researching yellow. It looks like I will soon be colouring my world with black and yellow and pinks and yellows and blues. Who would have seen that for my creative future. This inspiration door has literally been a doorway into my closed off artist mind. I think i shall give it a go and open it, even if just a crack, to let some yellow into my art.

The aftershock of how many projects I shut down due to yellow is slowly wearing off and I decided to create a Yellow Inspiration Door. It is sort of like a 3D Pinterest board, just for me, of some of my hidden and half-baked creative ideas. Some yellow images and some yellow art projects abandoned in procrastion are up on my inspiration door. Since creating this visual I see I will definitely work with yellow when I actually create them.

I didn't have any wall space available so I copied Jennifer Grace's brilliant idea, shared in, Focus Your Craft and Soul Event. I am so happy Jennifer came up with this idea and I am a much happier crafter/artist for exploring yellow in my UFO's.