It’s All In The Climb

...and how you manage the struggle.

To bring your dreams to the light of day requires a tenacity of wholeheartedness that you can never prepare for.

Imagine you were meant to do something great. Imagine that if you were meant to experience greatness: firstly, you would experience unimaginable loss; unimaginable pain; torrential trauma; undeniable challenge; horrific hindrance; deep deep depression; sordid sadness and melancholy; more, plus increased, & repeated loss; and finally with all the struggle you entered into a “space” where life is fulfilling and rewarding and happy and light despite STILL living in the pain of it all. This is the space where dreams come forward into the light of day: into reality; into your life not because you deserve it; not because you are better than anyone else; not even because of the fight - but rather because you had the willingness to see yourself through it all and meet up with the dreams you were designing for yourself all along. Are you willing to take the first step to meeting up with your dreams no matter what lay ahead? Are you willing to commit to the climb no matter the storm? Are you willing to see what you are made of (all of the good & all of the bad) along the climb and still commit to reaching the top and meeting up with all of your dreams for the rest of your dreamy life? Can you see yourself as creative #warrior to #clear your own path? Do you want it bad enough to get good at what you want? Can you see the colours you are made of even when the road is dark and the journey long?

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