Owning My Style

"Neon Me"

"Neon Me"

Photo uploaded into Procreate and edited with some cool tools, including Bokeh lights.  Love the neon scratch mark-making created with the  Pencil.  I also love how I can hardly notice my hand in this selfie!  Very new to the SelfieLife but as the saying goes, "It's never too late!" - late for what, in this case, I do not know!  Yikes.



These days there is a great deal of talk about CREATIVE STYLE! Can you actually have one particular style? Is it possible to have a style when it comes to creativity? Since creativity is spontaneous, from within, I don't know how it can have a style - unless controlled, planned or forced. I used to think just by being creative that was the actual style. Was I mistaken!

I'm not referring to clothes here but rather what is the iconic style trademarking my art as mine. Style, as related to art and creativity suggest branding. Branding has its place but I am not so certain it should supersede the creative process of self-expression.

STYLE is almost like water-marking my work before it hits the surface of my consciousness; acting like a blocking mechanism stifling self-expression before it has the chance to find the light of day. In other words STYLE = CONTROL. There is nothing more debilitating to me than the very thought of, control.

Others can have their opinions, reactions and thoughts about what I create. That is what art is supposed to do when shared - cause a reaction. But no one's opinion, whether perceived as good or bad, positive or negative has that kind of power over my creative process. Reactions can't define my creations, unless I allow them to. (Keep in mind that anyone's reaction is also spontaneous, dynamic and evolving on any given day).

I embrace feedback always. I would not think of controlling someone's thoughts on my creativity but I don't have to take them on or own them, however perceived. Both can keep me stuck in stifling self-doubt or a belief that I am some sort of queen in a certain area when I prefer to cultivate a creative life-long learning journey. Actually no one's thoughts about my creativity matter, not even mine. Creativity just is.

My personality leans toward a mixed-bag of assorted STYLES. Wait! Am I slotting myself into a STYLE? No I don't think so because in that mixed-bag I can reach in and choose to connect with the unknown, the unexpected or the unrealized inside of me, any time I create. The worst thing that could happen to me, or the worst thing I could do to myself, in creativity, is to control the outcome.

I've come to the conclusion I don't think I will ever find my personal STYLE or CREATIVE STYLE (but that could change I am always open to possibility) simply because I want to change and grow as an artist and a person always. For me there is just way too much out there to explore and try my hand at that I am not going to waste any precious crafting time better spent on creating something by worrying about my apparent style - whether from opinion or trying to slot my work into a particular platform for sharing. I just do, me!