A Long Yellow Journey

These cards have lived a full creative life. I created them approximately two years ago in 2013 as I experimented with embossing on textured cardstock. I loved the rustic effect and look. The inspiration for these cards came from walks in the park with Mel. One of our favourite parks in Toronto is Wilket Creek, not far from home. The walking path is filled with long-stemmed wild flowers that blow in the wind. This stamp is a favourite because it reminds me of peaceful, quiet walks, of feeling free, and softly blowing in the wind as flowers do. It reminds me of calming moments I've lived and shared - time that I give and allow myself just to be. (Amazing what the image of one little stamp can do.)

This set of six cards I admired on my shelf for many months and then carefully stowed them away in a box. Part of the process in believing in my art is to showcase it in my own home. I display my art in my crafting space every chance I get. It reminds me to believe in me and to believe in my art. While working I catch glimpses of my creations and I take the time to admire and honour each piece. It is like having my own little art gallery inside my safe creative space. They were little treasures to me. Much of my art making process is experimentation and trying and building confidence while I create and learn.

I try to shut down my critical mind when I am creating but it is hard to do sometimes. Working with coloured pens or any kind of markmaking or drawing is always a challenge for me. I am not sure where all the fear comes from but I do know it is rooted in childhood experiences. (Oddly, making marks with pencils and pens for penmanship comes with ease and is also rooted in my memories of childhood.)

In the first card below you will notice blue and gold outlines around yellow coloured flowers. The colouring and the outlining was a particularly difficult addition to these 4 1/4" x 5" note cards. I often will see my additions to a perfectly stamped image to be childlike and primitive. I added a drop of gold glitter glue to the centre. Slowly, I have learned defining labels such as primitive and childlike can equate to "artsy" out there in the art world. This is me and my art style at the moment and I embrace it.

After I gained a bit of confidence submitting to Stampington with my very first published works in Take Ten, summer 2014 I decided to submit this set of six. I attempted to have them noticed for the ongoing "different point of view" challenge. They didn't quite make it into that section where you submit up to six cards showcasing the theme.

I am still learning about their challenges and calls and I can see why they didn't quite make it into that section of the magazine but I am happy to share 4 of the 6 made it into the latest issue of Stampers' Sampler on pg. 19.

From my craft table, to adorning my shelf, to the inside of a box, to Laguna Hills, California, U.S.A and back home to North York, Ontario, Canada these little gems have travelled almost as far as I have with my art and creativity process. Leave a comment below and I will choose 6 people to receive one of these little note cards plus envelope. I want to let them continue on their journey and into your hearts and hopefully onward from there.