“Letting Go” And The Art of Living

The more I think I know what it truly means to “Let Go” the more the universe challenges me to release and let go of yet more! What I learned is that “Letting Go”, in this life, never ends. I don’t arrive at a wisdom or complete understanding as a result of my search or my number in years. The more I understand about living with each day I live the more there is to let go of - more and more for me to release.

“Letting Go” does not mean I will receive anything in return or that things will improve on the outside. It doesn’t mean I will be rewarded or I will meet up with my dreams. Simply put it means: realeasing all that I no longer need in today.

I’ve been practising the art of letting go for nearly 3 decades and life is telling me I have just begun to scratch the surface of this mystery. Had I known how slow this process of understanding me would be when I started I would not have embraced ‘letting go’ of anything.

When I fast-forward all the learning on this subject, to today, I see that this practise has allowed me to: forgive others; focus on present moment living; garner increased self-control; focus on positivity; embrace constant change; allow people to come and go from my life; be more and more flexible; create an unwavering faith I am on the right path (for me); increased self-confidence, self-respect, and most importantly the power to forgive myself.

How does any of this relate to art and the creative process in my life? The way I can best explain it is, as artist, I have cleared my path of clutter and debris from a past, a past that no longer defines or controls me. With this understanding I continue to embrace a freedom of self-expression in the act of play in creating art. I trust what flows through me is what needs to be shared and I share it. And with a bold confidence I continue to share myself and my work out into the world. I developed a skillful tenacity laced with extreme patience and trust in myself and the universe to create my artist’s path; never fearing the unknown. The act of letting go provides me with a free-falling feeling of surrender in constant flight to soar knowing I will find my authentic artist’s voice and thrive in this world.


Learning to let go and give myself permission to take fun selfies and share them out into the world.