Losing At Life And Art

We are losing all of the time. We just don't want to admit it or recognize it as part of living. Yet how can living be categorized as losing. Each day is a gift or so we should make it.

Me son left to return to, home for him, Vancouver B.C. I felt loss at his leaving. I felt loss for all the things we didn't get to share or do over the holidays during his visit. I wanted to go to the Distillery Christmas Market; I wanted to take him to the Textile Museum and I needed his help and opinion with my business card for after all he was the genius behind finding a name for my blog - Something From Nothing! These are all losses to my heart. The time I did not get to share with him. We attempted the Distillery Market last year on a whim but found ourselves there near closing time. I wanted to try and make it a new, just for us Christmas tradition but it didn't happen. Life is full of false starts and good intentions. We just have to keep trying.

The same can be said for art and the sharing of it.