"Wish It, Dream It, Be It"

Create, share, dream. Dream the dream, live the dream, then get up and do it all over again, tomorrow. Day after day and every day, this is the creative life I choose. Make something, create something, do something creative each day - even for five minutes. This is the life I am designing every step of the way. Each day I create I get closer to my ideal life and living my dream life.

I don’t have to create this life all in one day or in one shot. I don’t get just one chance at it. Much of my time designing this life I want has been spent taking a run at it or having a dress rehearsal for it with many hours spent inside of wishful thinking. I give myself permission to create and to try at creating my dream life a bit more each day I live. Bit by bit, moment by moment I get closer to achieving my version of a dream life.

Often I see marketing or advertising spouting, and shouting at me, “Live Large”, “Dream Big”, “Go Forth & Be Awesome”, implying I can have it all. When I see these dreamy phrases and absorb the message I feel mixed emotions. On the one hand, effectively inspired, I reach for and risk everything to go for it, and on the other hand, lost in inadequacy and judgement, wondering why I haven’t reached my dream yet I remain confused about what is next. What is taking me so long to figure this all out? If I am living my dream, choosing and designing my dream, then everything should be dream-like now; but it’s not.

Life is overflowing with opportunity and possibility. If I can dream it, I can be it. I just need to be open to receiving all that life has to offer me. Living creatively is a limitless way of life. There is a crisp, fresh, newness to every day, and everything in my day, with creativity as my motivating source to dream of having it all. Creativity makes me feel energetic to greet each day with a fresh start to try again. If I can imagine something I can create it. This goes for my dream life too! If I imagine the life I dream then I will design it or better said, “Go forth and be awesome.”

I have a sentiment stamp that says, “Wish It, Dream It, Be It”. I believe all my stamps are symbolic and meaningful to my life. How I came to choose each one of them I cannot explain but every time I use them I know they represent me on some level - some part of my personality, some desire, something I love or admire or need in my life. When I came upon this sentiment it was years before I actually allowed myself to use it.

Before things started to happen creatively for me I spent countless hours in the “wishing it” mode. For me, “wishing” without action is just “wishing” or can be considered “thinking” about something. “Dream It” for me represents a connection within and an understanding of faith, possibility and a belief in self. But without “Be It” the anchor to the other two elements of wishing and dreaming my dream life does not happen. “Be It” implies action. Without action there is no realization of any dream.

In 2006 when I started stamping I wished and dreamed for my cards to be inside the covers of Take Ten and The Stampers’ Sampler. Wish it and dream it all I might I still didn’t realize the dream coming true until i decided to, be it. With the action behind practising and more practising and learning stamping skills and techniques I finally reached the “Be It” phase and mailed in a set of cards for possible publication.

Rarely is it that I have gone from dreaming to achieving anything without putting in time, working at something I desire, and then going out into the world and making it happen! On newsstands now my work can be seen in 5 Stampington & Company’s publications. I am so glad I dared to “Wish It” and”Dream It” and “Be It!