Stamping Sister Publications

I have had the great pleasure over the past year (since June of 2014) to have some of my card creations published in The Stampers' Sampler and Take Ten. I am pleased to say the excitement is continuing for me in the latest issues of both magazines, Publisher - Stampington & Company

I wanted to do a mini comparison of both magazines to show how they are somewhat the same and yet different - sort of like sisters.

There is so much I like about each of the magazines but I think what I look forward to most is Devon Warren's, The Letter From The Editor. Devon is chalk full of fun, imagination, and a real voice as if she is talking with you in a private conversation. You almost want to answer her back with your ideas and response. Let me tell you I do this over and over with each issue because it is so much fun to be a part of a larger creative community all round.

Here's a letter I wrote to Devon after being published in the latest Stampers' Sampler. After you read my letter take a look at a quick comparison of the sister magazines and see what you think. Note: The Stampers' Sampler is on the left and Take Ten is on the right throughout all the photos.

Here's my letter:

Dear Devon,

To be a part of the Summer (July, August, September) issue of Stampers’s Sampler is the best treat any “ghoul” could dream up.

The explosion of creativity in this particular issue has my attention and will hold it until I exhaust my heart, mind and fingers experimenting with new ideas for cards.

It is the constant juxtaposition of colour both bold and subtle, the theme of summer next to Halloween, light and darkness, and detail versus simplicity that has captivated my inner artist.

I am not a typical Halloween master. in fact I avoid this season at all costs. When it comes to cards, orange and black is one of my least favourite combinations. But the artists cards and projects in this issue certainly are not average or typical and expand in a colour pallet that is both wide and varied. The designs are captivating and unusual and bold. Before this issue I would struggle with ideas for Halloween cards now I can’t wait to submit to your Frightful & Delightful challenge in 2016.

So glad to be part of such a creative community!

Sincerely, Frances Peets

P.S. And…the challenge results for the camera template were such a pleasant and captivating surprise too! So much talent.

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