Green Mail Art

I hesitate to use the word “art” in relation to me or anything I create. The word “art” implies only an “artist” can create “art” and the circle is exclusive only to those who are recognized as artists. The truth is, if you are an artist and you create art then you must identify with only yourself as artist and nothing else matters.

Creativity happens when you least expect it. My works of art can be liked or disliked or criticized or ignored but as long as I feel they artfully expresses what I intend then they deserve to be recognized and shared if only for their own sake.

I have mentioned on several occasions that I describe my creations and my style as primitive. I am not slighting myself in any way but rather honouring where I am right now as artist. Simple, primitive, child-like is where I am at in my self-discovery as artist. Slowly, I have learned to embrace exactly who I am as creator, crafter, or worker in art. When I acknowledge who, what and where I am in art I go forward in freedom and creativity is always available to me. Ideas flow and work is completed and I continue to grow, as artist, with my creations. I am happy and satisfied every step of the way.

It has been a long journey in self-discovery as artist to here but I have supported my creative energy every step of the way when I appreciate what I create. I simply honour my creations in the moment and then I let go of the creation and what it was meant to achieve and move onward to what is next.

Some days are challenging and I overcomplicate my thinking and often I am not satisfied about the speed at which I learn, but learn I do - every day.

When I look back at the years I have spent in creativity I recall I have always felt happy and satisfied and sometimes full of glee at my creations. I don’t think any artist could ask for more from their work. Happiness, glee and satisfaction are the rewards of effort, experimentation, risk-taking, problem-solving, much failure and eventual sharing.

If I want to begin creating something, anything at all I just begin with what I have and what is in front of me and I do it now. I seize the moments I have in creating art every moment I get. I don’t feel the need to have every perfect supply before I begin. Having less actually makes me reach further within to bring forth my idea or concept out into reality. There is so much discarded material around me to breathe new life into an artful piece. I feel a bit like a heroine must when I rescue something and recreate it into something completely different before it hits the trash. There is something so satisfying about up-cycling, rescuing or saving something to give it new life; a creative life and one with new potential.

It amazes me how individuals see materials differently. The only limitations on a material are what I impose on the piece. If and when I restrict my imagination it is only I who can redefine my thinking and stretch the boundaries I placed on my creative thoughts and ideas. This is when I step back and challenge my misconceptions of limitlessness and potential possibility.

If I am creating something it must be fun and playful. This is the message I want to share in everything I create. When I am playful I allow my inner artist to experiment freely and without restriction. This is how my art gives back to me by feeding me happiness and joy just because I tried at creating. This feeling is something personal between me and my art and I hold this feeling in my heart and carry it with me where ever I go. And then the cycle starts all over again once I begin to create again.