Mr. Green, Green Grocer

Once in a while life sends me someone or something that instantly makes life easier. No fuss, no muss, just simplicity. When it comes in human form my faith in humanity is restored. There are good and great people out there finding their way into my life daily. It hasn’t always been this way but I see these humans almost angel-like showing up and assisting me with tasks or supporting me where there used to be none (other than my husband Mel and son Alexander of course). I believe there are times in life I will be on my own and these are the times I am meant to reveal just what it is I am capable of and what I can accomplish in my own design amidst great adversity.

Now some would blame that on me and say it is because I don’t want help or assistance or for life to go smoother or easier on me but that is just not true! Judgement is as harsh as life can be sometimes. I believe in sharing almost all of what I have and have lived this choice of lifestyle in awareness of sharing for several, several decades. Next you may be thinking I don’t give of myself and that is why the universe challenges me. Again you would be wrong in your thoughts of me. I make it a daily mission to reach out and be there for others whenever possible. I will stop my world if someone needs my help. I know how to show up, to commit and to follow through on my commitments.

Lifestyle changes are not always by choice. Of course all things come down to choosing but I believe choices are usually made under stress in both positive and negative situations. I abhor those who sit back and mock others for the “bad” happening in the lives of others and say, “Well you created your destiny.” This usually means they have all details of their life looked after and want for nothing. And I say good for them. I am happy for you. This is not a judgement but rather an awareness - some have more opportunities to succeed with doors wide open to success while other struggle every inch of the way. I cannot for a second say that I understand life but I know sometimes life just happens and there are times when I can do nothing but go with the flow and work through challenges and enjoy what comes as gifts each day I live what is my life.

It is over two years ago now that our 12 year old SAAB 93 car was costing us too much to fix. I loved that car. If I can say I love anything inanimate it would be that car, one painting and two rings. To be without any of these things is to be lost. I believed that car to be my silver bullet, my silver lining - to what I do not know but love can be fantastical without knowing why - and a dream realized. I was definitely attached to it and as life shows me over and over detachment of all things is a lesson worth learning. It took me three months to come to terms with sending it to car heaven.

So what! Life in a big city, without a car, is not that challenging some might say but let’s just say there are other challenges that have come simultaneously and on top that increase the challenges. Grocery shopping for one is a challenge and I love grocery shopping. We live next door to a Foodland but it is the worst grocery store on the planet and the prices are beyond believable. So we walk to other neighbouring grocery stores and buy what we can carry - in our hands. Mel thinks all carrying contraptions are useless and not the right height and irritating. Walking and carrying is what we have been faced with without our car and it is our life right now. We’ve been doing a great deal of walking these past two years and that has its ups but also downs.

Then out of no where comes Mr. Green Green Grocer! While out on a walk around the block - walks that I take to clear my mind for creative purposes - I met Mr. Green Green Grocer about four weeks back and life has been a dream. This gentleman on his way home from working on a farm stops in our neighbourhood and sells fresh produce. His prices are so reasonable and the quality and quantity and selection unbelievable. The first day I met him I asked him if the product was tasty and fresh. I looked into his eyes and said, “You look like a trustworthy man so I will take your word for it.” He beamed back at me with tremendous pride and thanked me for my words. Since that Friday fruits and veggies are in over abundance in my home and as a past commercial cook this is a dream come true for me.

No fuss, no muss just an angel in human form sent to me to make my life easier. And, I can’t buy any more local with zero footprints on my part, except for walking to the curb!