Art Elevates

Art projects pile up without notice. With so many ideas running around in my head it is sometimes hard to get them on the outside of me to begin creating. I may start a project on a whim and complete only one step or one stage. I may want to make several versions of the same project but really don’t know where to begin. I try not to allow the piles to get too high or have too many. Working at projects in stages is what helps to bring them to life and helps to whittle away the piles. When projects are piled up I recognize a feeling of being stuck and acknowledge I need to look inward to understand why I have created so many piles. Often my emotions will be stuck. Both my feelings and my art are stuck without movement or flow and negativity has its hold on me. All I have to do to see where my emotions are at is look around my craft space. If there are piles and piles of stuff every where then my emotions are usually building too - and not in a good way!

Making art is a lot like sorting through my layered emotions. Emotions can be complicated and elusive especially when working with more challenging ones around life issues and challenges. Happy, positive emotions are simple and when I feel these emotions art is almost effortless. When I am burdened or thoughts weigh heavy on my mind my art slows me down to look at, acknowledge, and allow the feelings space for clarification. Anger, frustration, hurt or sorrowful feelings are hard to feel. When making art these emotions surface even if I don’t want them to be a part of my reality. If I connect to whatever I am feeling, even the hard stuff, art will always be there to feel with me and to embrace everything I feel. I think that is why I enjoy solitude so much because I want to know what I am feeling. I value my feelings as they relate to my life and my art. And so I push through difficult emotions when making art. The act of creating helps me to release negativity and move through stagnant thoughts and feelings. Connecting to and acknowledging my feelings occurs naturally in art and creativity.
Today I completed a few sets of simple bookmarks and felt relieved of negativity. Satisfied too that I pushed through difficult emotions surrounding an event I cannot control. Art helps me to control my negativity by releasing it as it flows slowly into positivity, via creativity. By not holding on to repetitive thoughts I allow negative feelings to just be within me. When the art finally surfaces so do feelings of wellness and happiness where there once was only confusion. Miraculously the piles of projects are reduced along with my negativity and they flow into completion rather than staying stuck in art piles.

Working with these simple bookmarks was not an easy project for me today. When I tied the teal ribbon on each piece I felt happy, uplifted, and delighted, for no reason at all.