Not Much Great Mail Comes My Way These Days

Universal law states that what you send out you should receive. Somehow I don’t think that includes snail mail!

Not much great mail comes my way these days, with the exception of my involvement in The Love Notes Project, by Jennifer Belthoff. As part of this quarterly project the participants are paired up and each week for three weeks respond to a writing prompt then pop a postcard into the mail to their partner. I missed the launch of this project but haven't missed a session since for three years running. I have received some lovely cards and photos and words from kind and generous souls. And now, as I reflect further, I recall receiving a lovely watercolour card from Cynthia when I fell on an uneven sidewalk this past summer. I still have it up as inspiration for my continued healing. When in my studio and my eyes fall upon the two flowers she painted I am calmed and feel blessed by Cynthia’s caring at my misfortune. Melissa (from The Love Notes Project) sent me a comical postcard ‘just because’ after I sent her a congrats on her new home card. And of course there are my son Alexander’s postcards I received as part joke and part staying in touch because we are separated by great distance. So there are a few unexpected cards coming my way. Dear Universe, I take that back.

I can’t be sure of how many cards exactly I have sent out over the years just because I felt a need to connect with words and sentiment. It is one of those things I should have tracked from the start, but tracking suggests controlling or wanting to receive, or checking for balance, when I believe in giving just for the sake of giving, and nothing more.

Now the discovery of “mail art” has found its way into my creative world. As I learn about this art form I am finding more joy in sending out my positive notes and cards in statement art enclosures.