What would we do without you dear dandelion?  One of the very first signs of spring. 


I want to know more about colour. I want to colour my world happy, sad, grey, or blue or any hue that enters my world of daily emotions.

Right now I am struggling with yellow. Yellow is not my favourite colour and I don't use it very often when creating. I know it is a powerful and energetic colour and a much needed component in creating and mixing paint to create new colours.

I fear paint because I don't know how to mix colour nor do I know how to use a paint brush effectively to achieve pleasing results. But pleasing to who? Maybe I just need to give myself permission to use yellow more often. Maybe I need to give myself permission to paint and to play with a paint brush. I am not sure of where this fear comes from within me but I know if I allow myself to paint and to paint with yellow I will be happier. I need to just begin. I think I will.