Start wherever you are. Start with whatever you have. Begin with what you see in front of your eyes right this very moment. Start to make something. Now.

Begin at the beginning. Your beginning. Create from an idea, a concept, or just copy something. Whatever you do just begin.

Create something. Create anything. No matter how scared you are; no matter how old you ar; no matter how stressed you are begin to re-direct your attention a slight shift from where you are now and think larger, bigger and brighter for yourself.

You are full of thoughts and ideas just take a moment to hear what is inside you. Write these thoughts down or better yet make something from your thoughts. Now. Yes right now.

Make something loud, make it ugly, make it bold, make it blue, make it brown. Just make it. Whatever is jumbling around inside your head create it out loud. Do it bad. Do it wrong. Do it ugly. Create a blunder of too many pieces tied together but make it anyway.

Find your place in this world and express your happiness, your sadness, your light, your hope, your life. Create it now.

Start with what little you have or with as much as you have. Just create something, anything. Your world will be a better place because one moment there was nothing and then there something.

Start from nothing. Start from not know how to start. Start over. Start after several failures. Whatever you do start now.

Begin with your imagination. Be patient. Explore your thoughts and ideas and then make what ever surfaces from that reflection.

Create something from nothing. You will be so glad you gave yourself the permission to just start.