A Letter From My Creative Inner Mentor

Dear Frances,

Creativity is much like life. It is all just a big, huge experiment. Most of the time there are no answers but rather experiences. The only thing required of you is to show up and begin. Yes, that is all! Just begin. Begin, again and again and again to try; to create.

In life as in art you need take chances every day you create. Growth and self-awareness happen during creativity. You will make mistakes. You will fail. You will succeed. Most of the time people will not understand you, your message or your art. Don't look for acceptance or praise or feedback. Just create.

The only qulality necessary to create anything is courage - courage to continue. You have courage to live in each day you are here therefore you already pocess courage to express thoughts, feelings and emotions and then share them with the world. Be bold. Be all that you are.

Art and creativity are the vehicle to self-expression. A creative life doesn't have to include art but everything you do creatively is your art. Making your bed can by your art or washing dishes or cooking nutritious food for you and your family can be your art. Art and creativity is wherever you are at this very moment.

Self-expression takes practise and work. The courageous aspect of creating anything comes in to play when you continue to show up every day and create no matter how hard, no matter how slow, no matter how little. Just as with life there are no short-cuts to creativity. Both have their own process and design and control. It is in the doing that the gift of understanding yourself and life collide into your unique experience of how you connect with yourself and the world.


Your Inner Creative Mentor