In Between


Creativity takes a certain amount of guts.  There is always:  the moment prior to taking creative action; the moment when I last created something; the moment in between when I can doubt my abilities - or - choose to give myself permission to risk creating again, beginning again, at something completely new to me.  Creativity is about taking risks and bets and chances on myself that maybe ‘with the grace of God’ something good will happen.  I have to be willing to have guts to stand alone and to thrive in aloneness when others want me to swim with the crowd.  I have to want to shut out the noise and confusion so that I can hear my gut speak.  I have to be willing to trust my gut and follow through on what advice my gut offers me.  I have to listen to my gut when it speaks to me - and not ignore it when it is speaking LOUD & CLEAR.  Sometimes this means I must go it alone into uncharted stormy territory swim upstream homeward, where my creativity lives.  Knowing that I already have what it takes to succeed on my own terms because I have guts - to try at creating again, and again, and again!


IG 13/10/18 #guts #courage #creativity #creativehappylife #artistdate #fish #between