Breaking The Waves

Taking Time Out To Let My Dreams Set Sail

Taking Time Out To Let My Dreams Set Sail

Breaking the waves to my bright future is serious dedicated creative work.  Because I think bright thoughts does not mean my world will change but it does mean I am in charge of sailing the rough seas. Empowered choice, with every thought I think, breaks each wave.  

Life is full and challenging.  But, there are moments, floating moments, in time, I feel my future self surrounding me, searching for me, navigating through the storm of me, finally finding me inside the light of day.

To connect to truth takes time in self-discovery.  God knows I’ve spent a great deal of time creating my dream self.  Yet, the moment I think I know myself I begin to understand there is so much more of me to know.  My next wave of self-discovery is always on the horizon.  I’m never going to wake up one single solitary dawn and know everything I need to know about me.  The not knowing ‘everything’ is what ignites me forward to set sail toward the perpetual newness of me.  I am constantly changing, constantly evolving - and that is the beautiful thing about living this life.  To realize I have the potential for exponential growth, until the day - I don’t.  

The growth choice is in my hands and bears no number in years, time, or any particular stage. Right now I’m more than halfway through my journey but it is moments like these I feel I am just beginning to set sail on the life I was meant to live.

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